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About me

mag. Rok J. Nemeček


(Seller in stores) January 2005 - August 2005

The work included: accepting clients, subscribing subscriptions - Mobitel d.d., sales of computer equipment, arranging loans for installment payment of vehicles, computer equipment, mobile devices, maintenance of the shop, carrying out an 8-10 hour work schedule.

(Promoter / Computer Programmer) October 2006 - March 2007

At Microsoft Slovenia, I first performed promotional work. We promoted Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007. I was subsequently invited to the Mystery Shopper project where I, as a hidden customer, were selling computers in computer equipment stores, in the regions of Styria, Posavje, Celje ... I checked for Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 offered a pirated version. Finally, I also participated in the campaign with a campaign aimed at raising awareness that pirated software is illegal and that its use is only punishable. I created a web application that we sent to companies where companies pre-tagged which operating systems they are using.

(IT Manager) March 2008 - June 2008

With company BSH HOME Devices d.o.o. I did 3 months of practical training. I was working as an assistant to the head of informatics. To employees in the company, I installed operating systems and their working environment on working computers, and in addition to the rest of the work, I also edited the company's website and intranet. During the practical work, with the mentor, I also started innovating in the SAP system (Connecting wireless terminals to the SAP system), which represented the topic of my graduation work in the Informatika (VSŠ Velenje) program.

(IT Manager) June 2008 - September 2008 (Simultaneous work in addition to trainee training)

At T-2 Company, I was performing the work of installers of switches, routers, telephones and television receivers. I worked on the field in various accommodation facilities in Velenje and Celje.

(ŠŠK - Student Club) October 2008 - September 2010

At the domestic student club I was doing the work of informatics, and at the same time also the work of the maintenance of complete computer equipment in the club premises. I took care of the members' base, edited the site, and posted on social networks to create promotional material for the events we organized.

(Call Center / Sales Agent / Frontdesk Manager) October 2011 - June 2015

The student work that I was doing was the work of a salesman, telephone operator and organizer of work in the central call center of Carglass in Maribor. In the call center, I received calls and arranged for the customer to repair or replace the desired car glass (passenger cars, vans, trucks, work machines, tractors). When the customer had additional insurance for glass (Zavarovalnica Triglav, ZM, ...), my job was to open a new claims file and to organize a service for the client. In the process of telephone treatment of the client, it included glass ordering and skilled communication, that the telephone conversation was done as soon as possible. I also worked with Carglass as the head of the administration and the work of the assistant manager of PE Celje and PE Maribor. Later, I worked at the Celje Carglass as the head of the administration.

(Work Abroad) August 2015 - July 2018

The work I was doing was field work (abroad: Germany, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium). I made various electrical and assembly work, the production of metal shelves for eletrical cables, the insertion of cables from electric cabinets to final electrical elements. I worked on the field for two years. During this time, I repeatedly took the initiative of the leader (communication, translation of instructions was needed). We worked with teams in different working environments; The most common were the auto industry of VOLVO, PORSCHE, BMW, MERCEDEZ-BENZ, MINI, and mills for the production of animal feed and various slaughterhouses for food production.

(Call Center / Operator / Supervisor) August 2018 - May 2019

The work I was doing at Cfleet was the work of the operator; receiving calls (communication with customers) and entering data. In addition to the operative work, I also performed the work of the supervisor of the change; control of vehicles in different cities (LJ, MB, KP, CE), control of employees, assistance and support to drivers (communication with employees) that were on the ground.

(Telephone Therapeutic Consulting LOTOS) June 2019 -

Establishment of a normative independent company in order to spread awareness of mental health, mental conditions, psychotherapeutic methods, help and support. Telephone therapeutic counseling has been proven to be as effective as psychotherapeutic processes in different countries of the world decades ago, but due to various factors it is not accessible to anyone - in this light telephone therapeutic advice has proven effective, as it is cheaper, accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere . The purpose is not to enrich but to spread awareness of opportunities that may improve and enhance the quality of an individual's life. Among other things, the company aims to be accessible to Slovenian or foreigners living in Slovenia and abroad (EU, USA).


September 2001 - 2005: ŠCV Velenje (Computer technician)

October 2006 - June 2010: ŠCV Velenje, VSŠ (Information Technology Engineer)

October 2008 - September 2012: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Theology; Unit Maribor (Graduate of Theological and Religious Studies) - the first generation by the way of Bologna education (1st B.Level)

October 2012 - University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Theology; Unit Maribor (Master of Family and Family Studies - Psychotherapy and counseling - 2nd B.Level)


I gained good communication competencies and skills in dialogue at the workplace in the central Carglass call center and at the college where I studied. I am able to communicate in English, German and Croatian.


We organized concerts, events for young people and sporting events at the Šaleški Študentski klub Velenje. I gained organizational and managerial competencies in various fields of work I was doing. Specifically, I can say that I have perfected my organizational skills as the organizer of work and service planning at Carglass, where I also worked as an assistant manager of a business unit (responsible for about 8 people). Finally, I gained organizational and managerial competences abroad, where I was sometimes responsible for work, safety at work, equipment and information I provided to workers (up to 10 people). I communicated with the Germans, the Dutch, the Poles, the Slovakians and the Austrians. For work (I had to provide information to each worker individually, since various works were done at various locations in the factory) we agreed on a daily basis. Working hours, which I had to submit for each individual to a company in Slovenia (email), I sent on a weekly basis.


As a student, during his studies at the Faculty of Theology he also conducted various practical training. Among others, we helped with the help of the schoolmates in Maribor (Tabor) to establish the Wagon of Vesel (space for the surrounding children), for several months I visited a 10-year-old boy at home, who was diagnosed with ADHD (Hyperactivity); I helped him learn and encouraged him to do his homework. As they said at the elementary school, the boy eventually changed behavior, calmed down and improved school success. As a representative of the year at the Faculty of Theology, I called the professors if they could arrange for some additional education. Together with classmates, we were invited by Petar Metlikovič and Boštjan Čampe to participate in the Swiss project (introducing innovative services in the social field, we participated in the writing of the article (Cost / benefit analysis in the field of social protection) which was presented in the National Council (

During my studies at the college, I gradually took over the role of editor of the Colloquia school bulletin. I also helped with various graphic designs. During the course of my master's studies, I also participated in the organization of the international congress of the ZDT (Association for Family Family Therapy) in the student cycle. In the course of another practical work at the Theological Faculty, in 2014 and 2015 I also participated in the implementation of Family Holidays organized by Archbishop Karitas Maribor).

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