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The Code of Ethics is used by helpdesk organizations to understand between what is right and what is wrong and adds this understanding to their decisions. The Code of Ethics is predominantly divided into three parts: business ethics, ethics of employee behavior and ethics of the company.

Many companies do not differentiate the meaning of words between the Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct, but they should be differentiated. The Code of Ethics is valid when an entity fulfills an obligation to an interest group. The Code is publicly accessible to anyone interested in the operation of the company and the way the company is sending it. It contains the details of how the company sends and presents its vision, and contains a guideline for employees on ethical standards and how to achieve them. On the other hand, we have a code of conduct, which is addressed to only the employees of the company. The Code of Conduct usually describes the constraints and behavior of employees in the company and will be more scalar and / centered on rules rather than on principles. This code may also be used by non-governmental organizations.


Each therapist's duty is to act discreetly with the information obtained. It is the duty to keep all classified information inaccessible to the public or to specific persons, except in the case of life or death. Phone counseling Lotos provides you with complete discretion and security of your personal and intimate matters.

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